Excelta Corporation was founded in 1957 by Jerome Dalseme. Mr. Dalseme has been credited with introducing many tools for electronics assembly that remain the most popular assembly tools today. The company is a family owned business and is under the leadership of his daughter, Lynn Bonzer.

Our expertise is providing assembly solutions for customers involved with precision hand assembly. The company imports and manufactures tweezers, pliers, cutters, and other small assembly hand tool items from factories located worldwide.

We market and sell these small precision tools through a distribution network to the Military Electronic, Consumer Electronic, Medical Device Manufacturing, Electronic Assembly and Repair industries.

We began by introducing watchmaker tools to the Aerospace industry in the mid 1950's. Our largest customers were Rockwell, Hughes Aircraft, Texas Instruments and Raytheon. As that industry consolidated and shrank in the mid 1980's we made a successful transition into the consumer electronic markets. Our largest customers became Intel, Agilent, IBM and Hewlett Packard.

Our product offering has evolved from simple chain nose pliers and a few tweezers to over 1,200 items. We carry an extensive inventory at our facility in Buellton, California and we have always maintained a position of the highest quality and innovative solutions. We service the industry with a nationwide sales force in all major markets. All of our representatives have undergone extensive training and we provide ongoing education programs to help them stay qualified in providing the latest solutions to assembly needs.

We also staff technical and mechanical personnel to provide value-added modifications to many of the tools we supply. Through our Special Tools Department we are able to adapt tools to the specific needs of our customers. Our representatives are available to assist you in custom and semi-custom applications in lead-forming and bending, special cutting devices, parts handling, etc.

Our goal has always been staying one step ahead and being prepared to provide the quality tools needed for the manufacturing methods of tomorrow. Excelta precision hand tools are Precisely Right for todays and tomorrows demanding applications.

Product categories

Featured products
Transistor Forming Plier
5-1/2" Through Hole Power Transistor Forming Plier. An elaborate design for forming 5 leads on a TO-220 component in one easy operation.  Tool will ensure uniformity of difficult lead alignment. Made in USA.  
Miniature Insertion/Extraction Tool
The Q-5822 is a modified tweezer designed for insertion and extraction of extremely small components. 4-1/8" long body is small enough to fit in confined areas with limited access. Tweezers have a .5 MM x 1.2 MM cut away inside each tip. Tips measure 1.8 MM wide by 1.6 MM high and the inside tips feature a 0.3 MM lip. Made from 300 series stainless steel for excellent resistance to corrosion. Finished in USA. Made from 00B-SA-PI.
Rechargeable IntelliTweeze®
TM-300 IntelliTweeze® RECHARGEABLE R-C-L TweezerMeter™ The new rechargeable IntelliTweeze® edition with NiMH battery is now available. Our cradle charger features a unique PowerLink technology allowing contactless charging of the unit. Universal 110-220 Volt power adapter is included. Unit can be charged from any powered USB port (Cable not included).