IDEAL-TEK, founded in 1965, is a Swiss company
manufacturing high quality hand-tools.
Also manufactured are ceramic and engineering
plastics tip tweezers. The entire marketing
program includes desoldering tools, desoldering
braid, vacuum pick-up kits and PC-board
Ideal-tek's successful record is due to a number
of factors: popular and high quality products, a
widespread and highly effective distribution
network and a collaborative, synergetic and
mutually beneficial relationship with distributors.
High productivity at all levels is achieved by
giving human resources the best possible
support in terms of office and manufacturing
Our investments continually focus on research
and development of new solutions and
Apart from a perfect tip alignment, surface
finish is extremely important: the paddles or
tips must have smooth edges and be highly
polished and totally free of scratches or marks
which could damage the components or the
board itself. Saving money on tools is an
expensive mistake because so much is at
stake: quality comes first. Certified ISO 9002
since 1994.
Human approach and personal contact have
always been the subject of special attention in
the company's relations with customers and



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