Lindstrom has developed and produced high-precision cutters and pliers since 1856 - making us the oldest continuous producer of handtools in existence today.

Lindstrom is now a separate business unit within SNA Europe. The new Lindstrom is responsible for developing, producing and marketing not only cutters and pliers, but an assortment of high-precision tools including screwdrivers, tweezers, torque drivers and more. We have maintained our competitive edge through technical understanding, response to market needs, and commitment to advanced technology.

Some competitors have been able to implement one facet or another of the Lindstrom manufacturing process. Others have tried to copy the form, appearance and even the actual part numbers of Lindstrom tools. However, none has been able to successfully blend all the elements required to achieve the level of performance recognized as a true Lindstrom tool.

Our customers today have applications more demanding, varied and difficult to solve than ever before. They demand better performance, longer life and lower costs in every area. People have come to expect only the best from us. And as usual, Lindstrom will deliver.


Many years ago, cutters were primarily used in heavy-duty work, such as cutting electrical wire and wires used in the telecom field. In those days cutters had to be designed with an overall ruggedness, able to withstand a drop from a ten-story building without being severely damaged. However, as electronics and other related industries developed, the requirements on tools, and in particular cutters, became more varied and demanding. Today there are cutters in all sizes and materials for all applications.

Lindstrom's world-famous precision cutters are divided into three groups - each with its own unique characteristics:
Rx cutters
80-Series cutters
Supreme cutters
Ex Series cutters
Other cutters & pliers
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Holding pliers are used on the toughest, most forceful applications - from removing plate steel retaining pins on an oil derrick to the most sensistive and steril of envirionments such as surgery.

Lindstrom's well-renowned pliers are offered in two different series, Rx and Supreme, each able to satisfy the most advanced needs of the professional user:
Rx pliers
Supreme pliers
Ex Series pliers
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Lindstrom Tweezers - the Ultimate in Performance and Precision

Although tweezers are produced in many countries, firms with years of assembly experience turn to Swiss-made tweezers in order to be assured of the highest precision and consistent uniform quality.

Swiss-made Lindstrom tweezers offer perfect balance, tip alignment and symmetry as well as a wide variety of materials and designs to meet the most sophisticated and demanding requirements.

In addition to general assembly, our product line includes models specifically designed for SMDs, ESD-sensitive areas, and medical and laboratory applications as well.  

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The ultimate in performance, precision and comfort

Exhaustive studies and tests, both practical and in the laboratory, lie behind the handle design of Ergo Screwdrivers. These studies showed how a screwdriver is really used and how the handle should be designed to obtain a comfortable and effective grip in all conceivable situations.

The blade is made of specially hardened steel and corrosion protected by plating. The tip is of Propoint design, which means that it is phosphated for maximum dimensional accuracy and no peeling. Larger screwdrivers are equipped with a practical hexagonal drive on the blade, so that a wrench can be used whenever a greater torque is needed.

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Special Engineered Tools

There is always a need for tools to fulfill special requirements that cannot be met by regular production tools. Our Special Engineered Tools are designed for those applications.

The tools featured here are only a small sampling of over 1000 different designs that we have manufactured as solutions to difficult assembly or rework requirements.

The Lindstrom staff can design special application tools by working from "before" and "after" components, engineering drawings, or prototypes. We even build tools drawn on the back of a napkin. It's that easy!

We can modify tweezers to move tiny wafers without scratching the surface, or build extra-long-nosed pliers for extracting proprietary equipment. We can make one or several hundred. Minimum order quantity is one!

Tools can be ordered with standard or ESD-safe handles, including our Rx ergonomic handles. To request more information on Special Tools or for lead-time and quotations contact Lindstrom by email:

IC Insertion/Extraction Tools & IC Cutters
Standoff Cutters
Cut & Bend
Cut & Form