Professionals worldwide prefer Stanley Proto Industrial Tools for their outstanding quality, durability, and dependability. Professionals for heavy-duty industrial applications, including auto-manufacturing plants, steel and airplane manufacturing, chemical plants, refineries, general manufacturing, transportation, and fleet maintenance for trucking, transit, and aircraft use Proto Industrial Tools. With a global distribution network, Proto Industrial Tools are available on-the-job, anywhere in the world.

Stanley branded industrial tools are the most durable professional industrial trade tools available.Their superior design and advanced product features reflect the direct knowledge and experience of professionals.

Developed according to strict ergonomic standards, they offer special advantages such as enhanced shock absorption and reduced slip, as well as unique designs to ensure faster, easier work for the professional craftsman.

Every tool reflects Stanley Proto's reputation for unsurpassed innovation, production, and integrity. This innovation and integrity are only two reasons why Stanley has become one of the world's most recognized and trusted brands.


Proto Industrial Tools

Master Sets Wrenches & Wrench Sets Torque Tools Clamps & Eye Bolts
Miscellaneous Tools Pullers & Puller Sets Sockets & Socket Sets Tool Storage
Striking & Struck Tools Pliers, Snips & Pocket Knives Screwdrivers, Hex Keys & Bits Ratchets & Drive Tools