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M3PRT/2-4W 161-300VAC

Attribute Type Attribute Value
Function Under Voltage, Phase Loss, Phase Sequence
Supply Voltage 161 to 300Vac
Control Type 3-Phase Control


M3PRT/2 & M3PRT/2-4W Phase Failure, Phase Sequence & Under Voltage plus Time delay


  • 35mm DIN rail housing
    Microprocessor controller with internal monitoring (self-checking)
    Monitors own supply and detects an under voltage condition on one or more phases
    M3PRT/2 measures phase-to-phase voltage and M3PRT/2-4W measures phase-to-neutral voltage
    Instantaneous cancellation of set time delay when 70% of Un is reached during under-voltage condition
    Detects incorrect phase sequence, phase loss and neutral loss (4-wire only)
    Adjustment for under-voltage trip level
    Adjustment for time delay (from an under-voltage condition)
    1 x DPDT relay output 8 A@250Vac
    Intelligent LED indication for supply and relay status
    Power on delay (Td) : 1s (worst case = Td x 2)


Phase Sequence/Failure Relays

  • Monitoring of 3 phase supplies
    Orange housing manufactured to DIN 43 880
    DIN rail mount


Attribute Type Attribute Value
Function Under/Over Voltage
Output SPDT Relay
Range 83 to 98% of 230Vac Under, 102 to 117% of 230Vac Over
Supply Voltage 230Vac
Control Type 1-Phase Control


B1CVR Under/Over-Voltage plus Time Delay Relay


  • Detects under and over-voltage condition
    Adjustment for upper and lower trip levels
    Monitors own supply
    Time delay (from fault) with adjustable setting
    "Power On Delay" (Td): 2s
    1 x SPDT relay output 10A
    Rugged 11-pin plug-in housing
    Dimensions: H78 x W45 x D99mm


Broyce Monitor Relays

Output relay contact rating specified at 250Vac

  • Relay controllers manufactured using flame retardant material to UL94 VO
    Electrical life: ≥150 000 operations
    Suitable for use within ambient temperature environments from -20 to +60°C

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