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1. Martindale 英国 E-Ze Check™ Xtra Non-Trip Earth Loop Impedance Tester

 This is the first socket tester that gives a measurement of the earth loop impedance. This is the only safe solution for socket testing, as other testers can indicate as “safe” a socket with a dangerously high earth resistance.

Conventional indicators have the weakness that they only tell if the earth is connected, they don’t indicate how safe it is.

Martindale’s new T-Safe™ patented technology gives safe, earth loop impedance checking within carefully selected bands, without tripping the RCDs.  

  • Non-trip earth loop test  
  • Voltage test  
  • Socket test for open termination and correct wires  
  • T-Safe™ patented technology  
  • Identifies faults other checkers can’t

2. Martindale 英国 Buzz-IT Check Plug with Sounder

 This plug is a fast and easy way to ensure 13A sockets are wired correctly in the same way as the classic check plug. The Buzz It gives an audible signal in addition to the three LEDs lighting when the wiring is correct. This allows for awkwardly placed, or not easily visible, sockets to be checked quickly.

It can also be used as a basic fuse finder - when the correct fuse is pulled the buzzer stops! Shows 28 faults.

Fast and safe indication of socket wiring
Three neons show wiring status
Incorporates audible indication of correct wiring
Fuse and trip finding, located when buzzer stops
Flame retardant ABS housing

3. Martindale 英国 Classic Check Plug

Check Plug is a fast and easy way to ensure that 13A sockets are wired correctly, indicated by all three high brightness, long life LEDs illuminating.

Wiring errors are indicated by one or more LEDs failing to light, with the pattern of lit neons indicating the type of fault. This failsafe socket tester system means that any neon not lit indicates a problem.

The CP501 has a virtually indestructible, flame retardant ABS case with a sculpted shape for easy removal. The CP501 Check Plug induces less than 5mA of earth leakage, well below RCD trip thresholds.

As with all standard socket testers the CP501 only verifies the presence of an earth, it does not assess its quality. Similarly neither it nor any other tester can detect earth neutral reversal.

See the NEW Martindale E-Ze Check™ Xtra earth loop impedance socket tester, which checks earth quality and detects 14 different fault types.

4. Martindale 英国 110V CT Industrial Check Plug - CP301


Using LEDs to highlight possible fault combinations, the CP301 is invaluable for instantly checking sockets in factory or on site installations. Designed for use on 110V centre tapped circuits, it is fitted with a yellow 110V 16A CT plug to BS 4343/IEC309.

The CP301 shows similar fail-safe indications to the classic Martindale check plug.

5. Martindale 英国 250V Industrial Check Plug - CP201


For factory and industrial maintenance, the 250V Industrial Check Plug (CP201) is fitted with a standard blue 250V 16A BS 4343/IEC309 plug (round 3 pin).

Simply plug it into an appropriate socket outlet and it will instantly identify whether or not the socket is correctly wired, in the same way as the classic check plug.

6. Martindale 英国 3 Phase Industrial Check Plug With Phase Rotation - PC101


For 3-phase socket outlets, the PC101 will instantly prove connection of all three lines (or identify which is not connected) and show the sequence of phase rotation.

Essential to ensure correct and safe running of 3-phase plant with motors turning in the expected direction, it is fitted with a red 16A, 3P+E, 4 pin BS 4343/IEC309 plug.

7. Martindale 英国 Phase Rotation & Continuity Indicator - PC15250


This continuity indicator will quickly and simply prove continuity of all three lines (or identify which are faulty) and shows the sequence of phase rotation.  

It gives a fast, effective method of identifying worn or unmarked cables and ensures 3-phase outlets and machines are wired correctly.  

The retractable GS38 probe shields give a choice between long exposed tips for reaching inaccessible contacts and safer, shorter lengths for increased safety.  

  • Proves continuity  
  • Identifies faulty lines  
  • Shows direction of phase rotation

8. Martindale 英国 Elite Professional Fuse Finder Kit - FD650


The FD650 is the multipurpose version of the popular FD550 digital fuse finder.

Supplied in a robust case complete with transmitter (FD600/T) and receiver (FD650/R), it is capable of operating with either the 13A plug top lead (EX332) for sockets or the TL83 lead for light fittings or other points in a circuit without standard 13A power sockets.