Multi-Contact AG was founded 1962 in Basel, Switzerland by Rudolf Neidecker (1911-1994), an electrical engineer with great pioneering spirit.

Market-oriented products, combined with innovation and vision, are fundamentals of our worldwide reputation, enabling us to achieve and maintain customer satisfaction.

The development of the MC Multilam was one of the milestones in the success story of the Multi-Contact Company.

Our proprietary technology and many patents are evidence of our innovative engineering knowledge and the ability to meet the demands of today's market.

With the MC Multilam technology, an extensive range of connectors for many industrial applications evolved.

Individual custom design is one of our strengths.

We are certified to ISO 9001 standards and fulfil the highest quality requirements.

In 2002, Multi-Contact joined the Stäubli Group with a total workforce of over 3000 worldwide, and has since largely contributed to the group’s success.

Industrial Connectors

Test & Measurement
Connectors for Automatic Systems
Medical Industry Connectors
Connectors for Renewable Energy
Special Designs


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