History The Micronel organization began operations in 1958 and currently has operations in the United Sates, Switzerland, and affiliated operations in Malaysia, Taiwan, and China. Micronel U.S. services North and South America. Micronel AG services Europe and parts of Asia. There are sales representatives in 15 major nation that also provide customer support. Products Micronel has lines of ultra efficient, ultra slim, ultra quiet, and ultra smart fans which can operate on DC or AC power. New product lines of high pressure and high efficiency blowers are currently in production. In addition, a line of compact cross flow fans is under development. Fan sizes range from one inch in diameter to three inches in diameter. Air volume ranges from 1 CFM to 100 CFM. Micronel also supplies a line of personal respiratory protection systems and components for the industrial, military, and government operations. Goal Micronel`s goal is to design and manufacture high performance and highly reliable air moving products for consumer, medical, industrial, and military applications. Micronel`s broad experience and technical expertise in the development and design of high performance motors and fan assemblies has been utilized to develop our current product lines and new lines under development. Our appreciation of the customers system performance requirements, thermal constraints, mechanical interface, noise, and cost factors allows Micronel to offer unique solutions for our customers applications – TRY US!

Micronel 风扇,轴向,冷却,面板安装,法兰固定 D241L-006GK-1 , D241L-012GK-1 , D241Q-012KK-5

Micronel 风扇,轴向,冷却,面板安装,法兰固定 D301L-012GK-2 , D301L-024GK-2 , D301Q-012KK-5

Micronel 风扇,轴向,冷却,面板安装,法兰固定 D304L-012GK-2 , D304L-024GK-2 , D304Q-012KK-5

Micronel 风扇,轴向,冷却,面板安装,法兰固定 D344T-012GK-2 , D344T-024GK-2 , D344Q-012KK-5

Micronel 风扇,轴向,冷却,面板安装,法兰固定 D464L-006GK-2 , D464L-012GK-2 , D464L-006GA-2 , D464L-012GA-2

Micronel 风扇,轴向,冷却,面板安装,法兰固定 D481T-012KA-3 , D481T-024KA-3 , D481Q-012KA-4 , D481Q-024KA-4

Micronel 风扇,轴向,冷却,面板安装,法兰固定 D591T-012KA-3 , D591T-024KA-3

Micronel 风扇,轴向,冷却,面板安装,法兰固定 D601T-012KA-3 , D601T-024KA-3 , D601Q-012KA-4 , D601Q-024KA-4